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Our goal is to help students understand other people and their cultures, nature, their treasures, they are our neighbours in a global community with positive common goals. We believe that collaborative efforts will help us learn more about other cultures, natural uniques and learn about teaching practices.

The project will enable the expansion of horizons through European cooperation fostering friendship between teachers and students from these partner schools.


Our latest activities

3. February 2020
Plaza de España (Sevilla)

Films and series filmed in Spain

 Do you know these places? Do you recognise  these filmed location from Indian Jones and Last Crusade, Perfume, Star Wars Episode Ii, Game of Thrones? These […]
24. January 2020

Porto in Portugal and Harry Potter

Did you know it ? JR Rowling lived and taught English in Porto from 1991 to 1993 and was a loyal customer of Livraria Lello at […]
24. January 2020
Polish places of films - Poland

Do you know these places from Poland?

Did you know that…?  Some of the most beautiful scenes of “The Chronicles of Narnia” , “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and “Prince Caspian” […]
24. January 2020
Malta:Legend - Calypso Cave in Gozo

Malta: Legend of Calypso Cave in Gozo

In a medium-sized open cave hidden inside the high cliffs overlooking Ramla Bay on the Western side lies what is known as the Cave of Calypso. […]
23. January 2020
Movies filmed in Malta

Movies filmed in Malta

Malta has been an attraction to movie makers since 1925. Many movies were filmed or had part of them filmed in Malta.
8. January 2020

Spain: The Giants of Leganés

Once upon a time, a red star exploded in the sky provoking the disappearance of almost all the animals in the planet. Only one egg was saved […]


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