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Our project is finished but the friendships remain 🥳

Our project

Our goal is to help students understand other people and their cultures, nature, their treasures, they are our neighbours in a global community with positive common goals. We believe that collaborative efforts will help us learn more about other cultures, natural uniques and learn about teaching practices.

The project will enable the expansion of horizons through European cooperation fostering friendship between teachers and students from these partner schools.


Our latest activities

28. June 2022

An important tree and flower from Spain

Can you imagine a tree that is 1,000 years old and still in its prime? Well…such a tree exists in Spain and in 2021 it was […]
28. June 2022

Game – our activities about unique plants in Slovakia

You can play memory games.
28. June 2022

Unique plants in Slovakia

Spring snowflake. It has  specific, striped, dark green leaves. Edelweiss alpine is the most famous legally protected plant.
28. June 2022

Linden tree – Slovakia

The oldest tree in Slovakia. King Matej’s linden tree or Bojnice linden tree is a large-leaved linden tree that grows in the park of Bojnice Castle. He […]
17. May 2022

The town of modern art – video

This is video from our virtual meeting across the Europe with our partners.
17. May 2022

Tatra National Park – Poland

The Tatra Mountains are the only high-mountain area in Poland. Therefore, it was always more difficult to access, and the difficult living conditions meant that the area […]


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