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Our goal is to help students understand other people and their cultures, nature, their treasures, they are our neighbours in a global community with positive common goals. We believe that collaborative efforts will help us learn more about other cultures, natural uniques and learn about teaching practices.

The project will enable the expansion of horizons through European cooperation fostering friendship between teachers and students from these partner schools.


Our latest activities

17. May 2022

Treasure Parks – Portugal

From the north to the south, Portugal has many Natural Parks and protected reserves.
17. May 2022
Spain National Parks

National Parks in Spain

Spain has 16 national parks with eleven on the peninsula, four in the Canary Islands and one in the Balearic Islands. You will find everything from […]
19. April 2022

Quiz about unique gems of Malta

Find answers to quiz questions about Malta’s unique gems.
19. April 2022

The St. John´s Co Cathedral – Malta

A stay in Malta‘s capital is not complete without visiting St John’s Co-Cathedral Malta. The Cathedral is considered to be one of the most important landmarks […]
19. April 2022

The Ggantija Temples – Malta

Do you know what The Ggantija Temples are? The name Ġgantija derives from the word ‘ġgant’, Maltese for giant, as Gozitans used to believe the temples […]
19. April 2022

Do you want to play a memory game?

We have prepared a picture game about our parks for you. If you guess the pair of pictures correctly, the pictures will match.


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