Our meetings across Europe

Slovakia 🇸🇰

Our first meeting was in Bratislava which is the capital city of Slovakia.
The town of stories

Pupils from elementary school in Bratislava presented their primary school to their partners. Students from partner schools got to know unique treasures in the city. Here are some of the sights we visited: Bratislava Castle, Devín Castle, Michael's Gate or Town Hall.
Pupils listened to legends about Bratislava's various monuments as The Duck's Fountain.

Diary of a trip to Bratislava from Portugal pupil 👩‍🎓
Malta: 1st meeting in Slovakia

Portugal 🇵🇹

Our second meeting was in Porto. This is where the magic happened.
The town of unique events

Porto - the town of unique events.
In Porto they celebrate the saints with popular feasts, festivals and pilgrimages. We presented our unique events in partner countries.
Our partners visited our beautiful town and school. We played together game Escape room with Harry Potter, made activities and quizzes. And we all met amazing host families and new friends.

From the Forest to Harry Potter

Students and teachers from different levels and courses joined to help organize a farewell party for our HIGEM partners.
The party, which was planned to apply to an eco-prize, respected all the rules of the procedure and on top of this, put together an amazing partnership and collaboration spirit.
Everyone involved had a great opportunity to engage with new and fun activities.

Spain 🇪🇸

Leganés is a city in the Community of Madrid. So we meet! Although only virtual!
Creatures we share space with

From 22nd to 26 th November 2021 our partner schools took part in the 3rd mobility of this project. Although it was only possible to do it virtually, it was with great enthusiasm that students and teachers participated. Throughout the week we witnessed the sharing of good practices between students and teachers. Students presented their work, shared activities, gamees and learned about the endangered animals in our partner schools. This mobility also promoted the sense of responsibility and communication skills of the participants, as well as the collaborative and interactive aspect. Thank you to everyone, It was a great experience for our pupis and teachers.