The town of unique events

5. July 2021

Porto city of unique events

Our students did some artwork related to our city as, at this time of the year, we are celebrating Saint John. The most important night of […]
11. February 2021

New lease of life for old għonella – Malta

Traditional garment, or as we say – Hidden gem of Europe, rescued from a house that was due to be demolished. A true example of a […]
23. March 2020
Lithuania - Unique Events of Vilnius

Lithuania – Unique Events of Vilnius

We have beautiful Christmas events with 3D Christmas fairy-tale, Independence Day where all Vilnius gets painted in yellow, green and red – colours of our flag […]
23. March 2020
The unique events in Bratislava

Bratislava – Town of unique events

We have very interesting White Night where a city is transformed into an interactive space. Knights are at the Devín Castle. One of the largest culture […]
18. March 2020
Porto the town of unique events

Porto the town of unique events

It will be our pleasure to guide you in Porto.
10. March 2020
Top five filming locations in Vilnius

Top five filming locations in Vilnius

Vilnius has many narrow, crooked streets or famous places which have romantic, mysterious atmosphere and they are interesting points for filming locations. Here it is ?
10. March 2020
Our unique events in Malta

Our unique events in Malta

Do you know what is Imnarja, Norte Bianca, Village feasts, Festival Mediterranea or Malta International firework festival?
3. February 2020
Plaza de España (Sevilla)

Films and series filmed in Spain

 Do you know these places? Do you recognise  these filmed location from Indian Jones and Last Crusade, Perfume, Star Wars Episode Ii, Game of Thrones? These […]
24. January 2020

Porto in Portugal and Harry Potter

Did you know it ? JR Rowling lived and taught English in Porto from 1991 to 1993 and was a loyal customer of Livraria Lello at […]