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Our project is finished but the friendships remain 🥳

Our project

Our goal is to help students understand other people and their cultures, nature, their treasures, they are our neighbours in a global community with positive common goals. We believe that collaborative efforts will help us learn more about other cultures, natural uniques and learn about teaching practices.

The project will enable the expansion of horizons through European cooperation fostering friendship between teachers and students from these partner schools.


Our latest activities

4. October 2022

Eco-school award – Portugal

Our school is going to apply for the eco-schools award and will include in the portfolio the activities in the framework of our project.
4. October 2022

Eglė, the queen of grass snakes – Lithuania

Names of the main characters of this tale are also names of trees in Lithuanian language.
4. October 2022

Endangered plants of Lithuania

Horsetail is one of the oldest plants on Earth. It is an offspring of larger plants that grew 270 million years ago. That means it was […]
4. October 2022

We will show you our endangered plants – Lithuania

Vilnius Pranas Masiotas primary school class 2 pupils created models of plants that are endangered in Lithuania.
28. June 2022

Legends and Myths about plants in Poland

Do you know why  Black lilacs or Mountain Ash are interesting?
28. June 2022

Unique plants in Poland

Poland is very rich in protected and relic flora types. We know some plants that are unique.


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